Boost Workplace Safety…12 Steps Step #1

Who can do the most to promote safety in the workplace? YOU! You’re the one employees look to for leadership and guidance. You’re the one management relies on to provide safety training, enforce safety rules, and monitor employee performance.
Each week for the next 12 weeks we will post a new step.
 #1 Be a Hazard Detective
Workplace conditions are always changing, so if you let your guard down and take things for granted, a hazard might develop where you least expect it. And you can’t assume everything’s safe just because employees don’t bring hazards to your attention or complain of safety problems. You have to get out there and see for yourself. Take a few minutes every day to conduct a walk-through of the work areas you supervise. Create a checklist to make sure you identify all potential hazards. As you walk around, watch employees working, too. Make sure they’re wearing PPE and following safety procedures. Stop and talk for a minute with key employees to see if anybody’s having any problems.