Boost Workplace Safety…12 Steps Step #8

Who can do the most to promote safety in the workplace? YOU! You’re the one employees look to for leadership and guidance. You’re the one management relies on to provide safety training, enforce safety rules, and monitor employee performance. Each week for the next 12 weeks we will post a new step.
Step # 8 Know the Shape Employees are in

Be aware of their physical condition. For example, a worker who is out of shape is more susceptible to back injuries. A worker returning to work after recovering from a job injury might not be physically up to performing his or her regular job for a while. Or an employee with a physical disability might need accommodation to safely perform a job.

Also, be on the  ookout for problems like fatigue or illness. Either one can affect performance and place the employee or someone else at risk. Overtired workers or people nursing a cold or the flu aren’t going to be at their best, and that could be dangerous, especially if they’re performing a hazardous job.

Change an employee’s job duties temporarily-or even permanently, when necessary-if he or she is incapable of performing a job safely.